Our Sessions

The emphasis in all our sessions is about trying new things, having fun, meeting new friends, keeping fit and developing lots of new skills along the way.

Each session will always start with a game and stretch suitable for the level of activity during the session to get the gymnasts physically and mentally prepared. Once warm and ready gymnasts split into groups of up to 7 gymnasts based on age, ability, experience and social groups. The gymnasts then work with their coach on the various pieces of equipment. At the end of the sessions, the whole group come together again for a cool down before departing.

Every 2 weeks, gymnasts should have the opportunity to work on all the pieces of equipment on the gym.

During the sessions participants work on the NCGC curriculum for their class

We also work towards badges. These start with preschool proficiency with 1st, 2nd and 3rd badges. The next stage is Core Proficiency. These badges start at 8 and progress through to badge 1 getting steadily harder on each level. The next stage of the award scheme is Advanced proficiency, with levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once gymnasts have completed these them move onto the final stage working to complete their Merit, Distinction and Masters awards.

Each session we work on one element from the badge scheme and once all elements have been rehearsed we have a badge week to sign off any skill the gymnast are able to complete. The skills for each badge can be found on the notice board in the waiting area.

Gymnasts must be able to, consistently, successfully complete 80% of the skills listed to achieve each award. Once they’ve achieved this, they are to purchase the badge and certificate for £2.50 which is then presented to them in their next class.

Throughout the sessions, we provide the opportunity for participants to experience the breath of gymnastics. The different disciplines we include in this are:

  ★Rhythmic Gymnastics, gymnastics with ribbons, balls, hoops, and ropes

  ★Acrobatic Gymnastics, partner and group balance work

  ★Freestyle Gymnastics, Parkour meeting gymnastics with ‘tricks; in the gym.

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