FAQ page

Can we try sessions before we join?

Yes, the first session attended is a free trial session, giving the gymnast an opportunity to see what the club is about and getting to know the coaches and other participants before joining.

After the free session, how do we join?

All class bookings are taken through the class 4 kids booking system which can be found here Nottinghamgymnastics.classforkids.io

Do gymnasts enter competitions?

We are a non-competitive club, however members are invited to participate in 'Gymfusion' events. The club usually enter two or three events per year, in various locations around the UK. We also host our annual Summer Show, at the Albert Hall in Nottingham each year

What is GymFusion?

GymFusion is British Gymnastics festival programme, a chance for gymnasts to perform in non-competitive show style events. More information can be found on the British Gymnastics website here.

Can parents watch?

We have a large viewing window at our Sixways site, Parents can request to watch trial sessions at our other venues by speaking to the Supervising Coach.

What do gymnasts need to wear?

Participants need to be in clothes they can comfortably move around in, strictly no denim. Long hair must be tied back and bare feet. Some of our members where leotards, but there is no requirement for this. Long hair must be tied back, no jewellery, and either bare foot or trampoline/grip socks worn.

Can anyone buy a club hoodie and how much are they?

Yes any member can purchase a hoodie they are £20 and for sale in the reception area each week

Do you run in school holidays?

Evening classes don’t run throughout school holidays; however we run holiday courses for individuals to attend. More information on these can be found on the camps tab on our booking site

What sort of equipment does the club have?

We have a wide variety of equipment across our sites, including fast tracks, air tracks, trampolines, vaults, beams and bars. Along with a large floor area for participants to develop their skills

What types of skills do the participants learn?

During the sessions participants work on the NCGC curriculum for their class; more information can be found at our venues regarding this.

What do participants need to bring with them to the classes?

It’s recommended that gymnasts bring a drink with them, water and juice can be purchased at reception, with all proceeds going into the clubs funds

What Policies and procedures does the club follow?

The club has adopted the British Gymnastics policies for Child Protection, Health, Safety and Welfare, Equity and Code of Conduct and all officials, coaches, members and parents must adhere to these policies.

If a question you require the answer to isn't below be sure to contact us and we will be happy to answer.