Join The club

Details of session times and locations are located on the class4kids page

To help us to keep on top of the administration expanding our session will bring we have opted to sign up to us an online class management system: Class4Kids. This will make it easier for you to sign up to classes and receive updates and communication from the club. It will also help up to ensure maximum class numbers aren’t broken and mean we will have more time each week to plan session and do other clubs tasks as we will have to spend less time completing administration tasks

To accept your place in the above class you will need to sign up via the online class 4 kids system.

To do this simply follow the below steps.

* Follow the link -
* Select the class,date and time you wish to sign up to
* Follow the steps to join, the club will receive a notification
* Should you experience any issues when booking on, please phone 07525747039